Combining Yoga With Bodybuilding For The Perfect Formula

When yoga is mentioned, not many people would associate it with a heavyweight bodybuilder. This is understandable, considering that the ability to tough your toes wouldn’t necessarily help you complete a grueling set of deadlifts. So, why should you consider incorporating yoga with your bodybuilding workout regimens?

Agility and Flexibility

Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport. Every workout pushes the body to the limit in order to spur growth and improve. This increases the risk of injury, especially as one grows older. To reduce the chances of incurring setbacks due to injury, it would help to attain some flexibility.

Yoga gives flexibility and agility to the body. Combining yoga with bodybuilding exercises will help uplift your physical and mental strength. Thanks to the stretching exercises, yoga postures will correct any problems you may be having with your muscles or joints. Some studies even claim that yoga is better than other exercises as far as efficiency goes.

Calories Burn

One can burn calories through yoga as well as bodybuilding workouts. By increasing or reducing the level of intensity, one is able to control the rate at which calories are burnt. That said, experiments show that the calorie burn achieved with half an hour of yoga by a healthy adult is about 150 k/cal. The same individual can achieve a 223k/cal by doing vigorous weight lifting workouts for the same duration. So the combination of yoga with the said activities can massively boost the effectiveness of weight loss.

Bone Mass

Strength training and bodybuilding exercises are known to reduce bone mass. To preserve bone density, bodybuilders are advised to adapt high-intensity strength training workouts. But yoga routines can be equally effective in preventing loss of bone mass.

Oxidative Stress

While some exercises are known to alleviate oxidative stress levels, yoga works to reduce it. You could therefore use yoga to relieve stress and revitalize your energy levels. Yoga increases the levels of feel-good hormones like endorphins which reduce anxiety and stress levels. It can also neutralize the toxicity brought about by supplements and steroids which are quite common in bodybuilding circles.

Other Benefits

Yoga works well in balancing blood circulation throughout the body, resulting in a smoother, even flow of oxygen throughout the body. It can also improve the rate of metabolism to elevate energy levels while helping the body retain and assimilate all the vital nutrients.  With yoga, one can achieve full range of motion of joints and arms in addition to enhancing lubrication. It also helps internal organs attain optimum performance and keeps them in alignment. And when done consistently, it can enhance muscle strength as well.

When one practices yoga with bodybuilding exercises, they can cultivate endurance and muscle strength. It also boosts body balance and concentration, aspects often ignored in bodybuilding. And yoga routines are suitable for all age groups and genders.